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Unipark Kiaro

UNIPARK - Automatic parking barrier

The UNIPARK automatic bar is an innovative idea, easy-to-use and practical. With UNIPARK you can park automatically at a click of a button without getting out of the car. It is a self-locking automation that can be manually released by a special key.

UNIPARK System Specs

KIARO - Flashing light

BPT audio / video entry control systems are a combination of outstanding style, advanced technology and design beyond compare.
Intelligent systems for a high-definition picture and particularly simple fitting.

DIR Safety Beams Receiver

DIR - Photo electric beams

The DIR functioning principle consists of the auto synchronization of the infrared beam between the receiver and transmitter, preventing any problem of collision between the automated system to moving objects. Suitable for multiple applications.

Radio Receiver

The CAME radio system can be integrated into an existing automation system in conjunction with several control and entry control systems such as wirless keypad or code switch.
It is an external device with 2 or 4 channel options.

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