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Heavy duty operator for sliding gate up to 1800Kg


The ranges of BK automation systems are ideal for larger multi user organisations and industries. With the total passage control allowing specified user to have access only and the additional safety features that are part and parcel with the CAME systems that we supply to our customers. This complete system comes with the receiver already incorporated to the control board, so all that is needed is the card for the desired frequency. As well as being a complete system, because the control board is incorporated in the unit, it is isolated from the motor and the electronic board is further protected from all external agents that might shorten the life span of another manufacturer system. Even if the power is out, the convenient unlocking key to allow manual opening of the gates will never see you locked in or out of your premises.

» Motor Power Supply
» Absorbed input
» Max. power
» Speed
» Traction force
»Operating temperture

230V A.C..
-20ºc ÷ +55ºc

BK-1800 Recommended solution for



   240V Automation system
   Brochure (pdf file)

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