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Automation system for swinging gate up to 2.3m


The FAST is the new articulated transmission arm automation for gates with wings up to 2,3m for each wing.
A new product, which measures up to precise application demands: it can be installed on to relatively small posts and columns (from 20cm), and is particularly recommended for gates with distances of up to 20cm between the gate hinge and the edge of the column.
The FAST has a practical and safe manual mechanism to release the gate in the absence of electricity.
All versions are equipped with an electromechanical gearbox with permanent, fluid grease lubrication and a weather proof, articulated transmission arm.

» Motor Power Supply
» Motor Power Supply
» Absorbed input
» Max. power
» Opening time (90º)
» Max torque
»Operating temperture

24V (50/60 Hz)*
230V A.C. *
18 sec
-20ºc ÷ +55ºc

FAST Available models:
» F7001
» F7024

Recommended solution for

   24V Automation system
   Brochure (pdf file)

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