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Small residential swing gate up to 1.6m


The Flex is specifically designed for installation on posts as small as 10cm (3 1/4 inch).
This low cost system is created solely for small residential swing gates of up to 1.6m. Ideally suited to pedestrian gates or single swinging gate, it can also accept input from access control systems such as card readers, telephone entry and safety photocells.
It comes with an obstacle detection feature. These are as many of the products we supply from CAME, the FLEX comes with its permanent fluid grease lubrication system so that there is no need for periodic maintenance of the operator. The FLEX is also ideal for use on opening small swing garage doors with the electric lock assuring extra security to your home and property.

» Motor Power Supply
» Absorbed input
» Max. power
» Opening time (90º)
» Max torque
»Operating temperture

24V (50/60 Hz)
9-13 sec
-20ºc ÷ +55ºc

FLEX Available models:
» F500
» F510

Recommended solution for

   24V Automation system
   Brochure (pdf file)

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