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Automatic chain barrier for passage widths up to 16m


A unique, patented CAME product which is widely used in single and even double private and public parking spaces.
The CAT is high-technology product designed to comply with the strictest architectural requirements and is available in 24V version.
The CAT automatic barrier may be connected to various CAME access control systems that make it possible to identify, memorise and clear the enterance or exit of authorised perssonel only. The system can therefore be integrated with a global access control system, such as, for example, different departments within a company, or different services offered at collective venues, starta buildings or commercial complexes.
Thanks to its design, CAT is the ideal solution for selecting passages in historical centers and exclusive resedential areas.

» Motor Power Supply
» Absorbed input
» Max. power
» Opening time
» Traction force
»Operating temperture

230V A.C.
2,7 A
11 s
50 Kg
-20ºc ÷ +55ºc

Availabe models:
» CATI (24V version)

Recommended solution for

   230V Automation system
   Brochure (pdf file)

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