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Sliding gate criteria

  • Size - A sliding gate requires a "storing" area, that is the area where the gate stays when in open position. Normally the length of the storing area and the opening is double the size of the gate itself. the sliding gate is not limited by it length as much as by it weight.
  • Clearance - If the gate is 4 meters in lenght the clearnce of the side must be at least 4.2 meters and the ground must be solid in order to allow the installation of the track on which the gate slides.
  • Opening direction - always side ways 180 degrees (no carve)
  • Automation - This takes big part of choosing any gate, an automatic sliding gate require mostly level and solid ground all the may in it's operation area.
  • Access method - Don't forget to think about how pedestrians and cars will gain access once the gate is locked, we provide deferent means to allow the access for both.
  • Entry control - Such as intercom systems, key pads or other means to make the system easy to operate from distance.
  • Design - Finally the look of your gates (please see our gate design section)

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