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Swing gate criteria

  • Size - Each side of the gate is limited to 3 meters in length (6m total opening)
  • Clearance - Consider the distance between the gate when in open position to any obstacle such as parking car etc. and make sure the that movement area o the gate is clean. (doted line)
  • Opening direction - Normallywhen the ground is leveled the gate will swing inwards unless there is an uphill slope that will prevent this direction, then you might consider moving the location of the gate to alow it to swing outwards or consider a sliding gate.
  • Automation - This takes big part of choosing any gate, with an automatic swinging gate there must be at least 200mm (20cm) of clearance between the hinges to any side wall or fence.
  • Access method - Don't forget to think about how pedestrians and cars will gain access once the gate is locked, we provide deferent means to allow the access for both.
  • Entry control - Such as intercom systems, key pads or other means to make the system easy to operate from distance.
  • Design - Finally the look of your gates (please see our gate design section)

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