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Fast automatic barrier for openings of up to 4 m


The automatic fast barrier for passages of 4m has an extra feature of power supply at 24V. Essential for passages of intensive use, the low voltage technology allows you to obtain maximum efficiency with control features and complete safety.
All the essential components for operation even in the event of a blackout are assembled inside the structure in addition to the motor and the command logic, the GARD 4 is designed to house the optional emergency batteries.
This system is made entirely of galvanised steel with a polyester based paint finishing. For applications in areas subject to strong corrosive agents such as smog and salinity, the GARD 4 version is available in glazed stainless steel for a lasting working life.
For areas with strong winds, this system can be fitted with a tubular arm, just as Blue Wall Technologies has installed in ports around Ireland.
As with all versions in the GARD series, it has a feature to allow the arm to be locked in either the up or down position. An added bonus is the possibility to install keypads or key switches directly onto the cabinet of the barrier, simplifying the installation and reducing the cost of the system. This also gives you the ability to set the system up to accept inputs from radio transmitters, card readers, telephone entry and safety devices such as safety device loops and photocells.

» Motor Power Supply
» Absorbed input
» Max. power
» Opening time
» Max torgue
»Operating temperture

24V D.C.
1,9 A
2 ÷ 6 s
-20ºc ÷ +55ºc

Availabe models:
» G4040/G40401 (24V version)

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   24V Automation system
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