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Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are an ideal automation option, especially when a swing gate is not possible. We would recommend a sliding gate where space is limited in some way (landscaping, boulders, etc.) or the area is required for parking.
Sliding gate require storage area.  This is the area that the gate slides into when it is in the open position, making the movement area and the entrance area double the size of the actual gate.
Sliding gate require a level ground upon which to slide however with the right type of sliding gate operator a slight slope is acceptable.
Sliding gate motors are designed to neatly fit behind existing walls or fences, without compromising space within your property.
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Our range of CAME sliding gate operators will operate sliding gates up to 1200 Kg
BX series sliding gate kit for gates up to 800kg
BK series sliding gate kit for gates up to 1200kg
We are happy to provide you with a free consultation for your existing or new gates if you wish to have them automated.  Please contact us or use our toll-free number - 1300 657 560 today.

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