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FLEX - Small residential swinging gate up to 1.6m

This low cost system designed for small residential swing gates of up to 1.6m. Ideally suited to pedestrian gates or single swinging gate, it can also accept input from access control systems, telephone entry and safety photocells..  more...

FAST - Automation system for swinging gate up to 2.3m

The FAST is the new articulated transmission arm automation for gates with wings up to 2,3m for each wing. great product, which measures up to precise application demands  more...

AMICO - 24V Automation system for swinging gate up to 1.8m

Equipped with a low voltage motor for constant intensive operation.
Additional saftey features such as the manual over-ride, electromechanical gearmotors (protection grade IP54) and adjustable support brackets  more...
ATI A3000

ATI A3000 - Automatic system for swinging gates up to 3m

The ATI systems are powerful and durable solution for swinging gate automation, the A3000 is suituable for heavy use for gates up to 800 kg and suitable for various requirements of operations.  more...
ATI A5024

ATI A5024 - Heavy duty operator for swinging gates up to 5m

Automatic control system for hinged gates up to 5m in length and up to 1000Kg in weight, availabe in low voltage version for intensive use and suitable for both domestic or commercial use  more...

FERNI - Articulated arm swing gate operator up to 4m

This solution is best suited for larger gates with side pillars where the installation of a linear operator is impractical or impossible. It is an easy and safe operator designed for both domestic and commercial use. more...

FROG J - Underground low voltage swing gate operator

Underground solution offering functionality and durability with it's 24V low voltage system, excelent solution for any type of swing gate. It is the best way to automate a gate without altering its shape and design. more...

FROG - Underground swing gate automation up to 3.5m

The FROG is the most functional and desirable underground solution. It is the best way to automate a gate without altering its shape and design. The reduction gear is electromechanical to ensure smooth and precise movement over time.  more...
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